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Geocaching 3.11.07

This weekend was absolutely beautiful here in California! I've been so busy at work and haven't had a day off in a long while, but this weekend, I managed to sneak out for a bit of Geocaching with KinQue and Mannard.

Our first stop of the day was the Crossroads of the West Gun Show.... for earplugs! Mannard has been in need of some good earplugs, so what better place? I've been to the Crossroads of the West Gun Show many times with my parents and I've seen and heard about these guys before. They make great earplugs.

We also spent some time walking around the show looking for Geocaching containers. We all ended up with stuff: Small ammo cans (1/3 the size of normal ammo cans) to large ammo cans (I found 2 ammo cans about 3 times the size of the usually found ammo can), Decon containers, and Bison tubes in various sizes from small (the normally found size) to large.

We headed over to Car Be Chiffon for some lunch. The cache was an easy find, but well done camo. We ate lunch on the grass nearby. David tossed his Green Tea drink on the grass and it somehow became a joke... "Where did my drink go?? I can't see it any more!!!?! ahahah!!!"

I can't imagine what got into us...

Lunch was very tasty. KinQue and I had Hawaiian BBQ from a local place and Mannard had "eggless" egg salad (tofu). It didn't show up as much in the photo, but it was neon green! Those crazy vegetarians!

We laid on the grass and enjoyed the nice day. We talked about the road trip for a bit, we are all very excited about the Midwest Geobash!

After a while, Mannard got impatient and it was time for some geocaching!


We headed over to John McLaren Park to do some Geocaching (back near where the Gun Show was)

We ended up with only 1 cache find from this park (there are about 8 hidden). After finding Crocker Puppy Park, we headed over to the other side of the park, where we could access the others more easily. As we drove through the surrounding neighborhood, we got really nervous. Some how we landed ourselves in the projects of South San Francisco. There were cop cars lining the streets and people were staring at us like we didn't belong there. We thought it might be better when we reached the park, but it didn't get much better. As we drove through, it wreaked of pot. When we got to a location where we could walk to 2 caches, we got out and noticed that nearby the trail to the cache was a party and someone peeing in a bush.... we decided to do some caching elsewhere! As we walked back to the car, some lady started screaming for her dog and yelled at us if we'd seen it. What a day... =P

After finding Isuzu Gone we thought since it was such a HOT day, we would stop caching and get some frozen yogurt. All the caches in our GPSs were all from that scary neighborhood anyways =P

On our way to Frozen Yogurt, we noticed that Public Access was in our GPS and decided to grab it.

When we walked over to ground zero, we noticed someone in the same spot... it was UncleTom! A local friendly cacher. We found the cache without problem and stayed to chat with UncleTom. After we went our seprate ways, we decided to walk down the block to drop some TB's into Es Effo Bug Hotel.

*random funny sign

We all love this cache. It's in a great place to drop off TBs since it's right next to San Francisco Airport.

We were surprised to find only 2 TB in the cache. Normally when we've come before, there's nearly 10 or more. We emptied our pockets of TBs and Coins.

Mannard released Steve #3.5.

I was trying to take Mannard's photo with the Coin, but KinQue threw the lid at her to mess it up =P

Thats better!

I also released Loved This Cache.

While KinQue put the cache back, we had to use the camera decoy to draw attention away from KinQue and the cache place. I told Mannard the plan and she didn't think I would actually take a photo... MUA HA HA HA!


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