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Disnyland Caching Photo Essay

Time for another Caching Photo Essay!

My roommates and I LOVE Disneyland. We headed down there this past weekend to see the last few days of the Christmas decorations. I introduced my roommates to Geocaching only a few weeks earlier, and they have already purchased themselves a GPS ( SVicious2 and Pokkito). I told them there were a few easy caches in Disneyland and they were super excited to snag them.

Caches found:
1. WD's Original - GC4B24
2. Disney's Horseshoe Review - GCG926
3. Disney California Adventure (DCA) Benchmarks - GCACF5

Just prior to leaving for Disneyland, I also found a travel bug that was in dire need of help: Hammer. It's been trying to get from Texas to Disneyland for 3 years! Being new cachers, my roommates were super excited to take a travel bug around.

Pokkito is a HUGE Disney fan and scheduled this trip for this exact weekend for many reasons. 1. The crowds would be light since people are back to work/school. 2. It's the last weekend for the Christmas decorations and the Nightmare Before Christmas decorations at the Hunted Mansion. 3. It's the premier weekend for the new soundtracks on Space Mountain and Screamin. (I'm definitely pampered when it comes to Disneyland thanks to Pokkito!)

As you can see, the crowds were really light and we had pleanty of time and space to find the geocaches.

Poor little TB Hammer has been roaming around for 3 years without reaching it's goal: Have it's picture taken at the front gates of Disneyland. I was super excited to be the one to take it there.

Our first MO at Disneyland was get Fast Passes for Space Mountain. The second we got in the park we B-lined it to Space Mountain. We were surprised to see that the line was still short and we walked right on.

Hammer was stoked to ride Space Mountain.
The new soundtrack by the Red Hot Chili Peppers was neat, but I still like the original better. It's said that the Red Hot Chili Pepper soundtrack will only be up for 4 months though.

We got really lucky the whole weekend as most rides had a really short wait.

I love the Matterhorn. It's so classic.

After riding some rides, we went in search for the park's Geocaches.

First up was WD's Original. I let SVicious2 and Pokkito do most of the searching. Pokkito new the whereabouts of where the thing we were supposed to look for is. But the GPS was confusing him a bit =P
It didn't take long to find it though.

Next up was Disney's Horseshoe Review. We didn't even need to get the GPS out for this one!

It's hard to take photo's of rides at Disneyland, most of the good one's are super dark and you can't see anything. There was little to no line for Big Thunder Mountain Railroad though. Pirates of the Caribbean was open with the new Jack Sparrow features and everyone wanted to see that. My favorite ride is Indiana Jones. I just love the movie and have such fond childhood memories of watching them. Disneyland really is the happiest place on earth. It has this weird way of making you happy all the time =P

Next we headed over to DCA and to find Disney California Adventure (DCA) Benchmarks. It was a quick one as we walked around the park going on rides. Tower of Terror is another of my favorite rides.

The Red Hot Chili Peppers also did a soundtrack on Screamin (another awesome ride). That one didn't fit the ride as well as the one for Space Mountain. It's a cool song, but I still like the original.

That was pretty much our caching experience at Disneyland. There really are only 3 easy Virtuals in the park. There are a few more that have 15+ steps to them and we just didn't have the time this trip. Maybe next time =)

Now for 2 more photos of myself, Pokkito and a muggle friend that came on the trip with us...

Photos from that ride are never flattering =P


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