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Geocaching Mountain View - 1.28.07

A photo essay of sorts of my friends and I geocaching last weekend! Enjoy!

The first cache of the day was Mannard's 400th!

Mannard found it no problem. The park was nice and huge and we were surprised there was only 1 cache in the whole palce!

Our second cache was called Shopping For A Cache. I tried to escape to go shoe shopping!

I was very excited for this caching trip. It was my first caching trip with my new caching shoes (the ones at the bottom/middle). Now we all have awesome caching shoes!

We cached all around Mountain View. There are SO many park and grabs in this area. I'm not complaining cause the 3 of us are trying to reach at least 500 finds before our first year anniversary.

Mmmmm, yummy.

There was a cache we liked near a neat little market.

We were very impressed with ourselves this caching trip. There were a ton of 2.5+ difficulty caches that we found in mere seconds. Woot!

Mannard was sad she didn't notice an easy one =P

KinQue and Mannard walking towards Find The S In Stevens Creek.

Mannard being a nerd =P

Oh yeah! We found it!

We figured out you can lift out the trail markers that were full of water...

And make a big splash!

And get all wet =P

KinQue and Me =)


I made a list of caches that we could do in the area. Mountain View has such a high concentration of caches and we were almost done with my list before lunch!

Speaking of lunch.. we found a cache that advertized a good place to eat. Tied House was SOOO good.

Tasty beer too.

We ate ourselves silly =P

Oh no! KinQue has the camera!

Mannard warned KinQue to settle down!

This is what happens!

Aw, poor KinQue!

Towards the end of the day it started raining =(

KinQue give us his model pose in his new rain jacket!

The craziest cache with a history that we found was Pioneer RIP. It's a park that was once a graveyard but when they were converting it to a park, they didn't relocate the graves!

Oh no... KinQue has the camera again!




Mannard says, "Phew. adhorabell has the camera again."

One of the last cache was found was in a little park that had a mini stonehenge that we played on for a little bit.

"Tee hee! Where is the cache?!?!"

Yay for caches at parks =)

At the last cache of the day, it had gotten really dark so we decided to play with long exposure camera shots.


Mine =)

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