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Super Bowl Caching Photos!

Time for another photo post! Mannard, KinQue and I went caching the morning of Super Bowl Sunday. We decided to have a Non-Super Bowl Party. We are not football fans, but decided to celebrate it anyways. We cached in the morning then had a BBQ and TiVoed the Super Bowl so we could fast forward to the commercials =P

Since it was the Super Bowl, we decided to cache in style!

We all sported awesome football paint all day. We got some funny looks from people =P

Mannard even brought her camera along. I hope she'll post her photos soon.

We decided not to push for numbers and just have a relaxing day. I've been working a lot, so a weekend day off is nice, I didn't want to push myself.

We told KinQue, "Work the paint! Work it!"

We came up to a cache, Catamaran, and we had already decided where it was going to be, so we raced to see who could find it first.... KinQue found it... damn him and his long legs!

Don't worry... we didn't push him in =P

KinQue found some other things to do at the Catamaran cache.

We warned him not to scare the geese cause they would attack him.

He decided to try and trick them and make them think he was a dominant boy geese.

It actually worked! They didn't just flee to the water, they actually flew away!

We came to another cache, The Boulevard Bridge and while we were searching, a group of ladies came by on their afternoon walk. One lady came up to me a poked my face while saying, "why do you have that on your face?" I had COMPLETELY forgotten that we had football paint on our faces. So I just laughed and said, "It's the Super Bowl!" They all laughed and continued on their way.

We were all worried that morning that the football paint would cause too much attention to us while Geocaching, but it actually turned out to be a good distraction.

Gay ducks!

KinQue's, "Grrr, I'm a football player" photo.

Mannard was trying to take a convincing, "Grrr, I'm a football player" photo all day, but it wasn't working. We were trying to help her out by making her really mad by saying stuff like, "I've fed you meat while you weren't looking!" (she's a hardcore vegetarian), but nothing was working....

KinQue even trying spanking her really hard... but she looks like she's in pain and not, "Grrr, I'm a football player". Oh well =P

After finding As Seen From The Sky!, KinQue and feeling very sleepy, so we decided to get a pick me up at Starbucks.

While KinQue ordered for us (he's works at Starubucks so he gets us the awesome discount), we shopped around their cute Valentines Day stuff.

KinQue got a Java Chip Frappuccino

I didn't feel like anything caffeinated, but since it was so hot out I wanted something cold, so I got a Strawberries N Cream Frappuccino. SOOOOOOoooo tasty.

Mannard doesn't go to Starbucks much, so she just got what I got... and really liked it!

Mmmm, Starbucks love

The next few photos are from our "Pin Ceremony". We like to collect finds pins, we've been really behind on pins...

I wonder what we could be getting?

Mannard was excited

KinQue just thought we were being nerds =P

We just got our 300th find pin. Mannard has already broken 400 finds and KinQue and I are right behind. We'll have to order those ASAP!

The second to last cache of the day was Hit The Target. I really liked this puzzle. It's not your ordinary puzzle, it was very creative and funny. Once we figured it out (at home) we headed to to final location... Mannard wondered where it could be taking us...

We managed to "Hit The Target" and find the cache.

At the last cache, I set one of my geocoins free. Mannard gave me a gift certificate to the Geocoin Store for my birthday and I bought this coin. I'm calling it the Happy Birthday Traveler. It's goal is to reach my birthplace, Tucson, AZ.

Mannard was excited that it was time for BBQ!!

The rest of the photos are from our Non-Super Bowl Party and have nothing to so with Geocaching =P

Back at my house, we all picked teams. Mannard and I chose the Bears and KinQue chose the Colts.

KinQue got comfy in the couch and zoned out on the game. He'd only talk when we yelled, "DAVID" at him =P
He's the only one out of all of us who is remotely interested in football.

Mannard was mad at KinQue cause he took her spot on the couch. If you've ever seen other photos from my house, they are always sitting in the same spots on the couch. But this time, KinQue tried to steal Mannards spot!

KinQue was drinking a "girly" drink, so he decided to drink it overly manly to make up for it =P

We had tastey food. Chips, guacamole, assortment of appetizers, hot dog and veggies dogs and FOOTBALL CAKE!

The grass is cute =P

The cake was really moist and fudgey.

It was very tasty. Thanks Whole Foods!

So that was our fun Non-Super Bowl day. We found 10 caches and pigged out. A fun day in my book!


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