Candy Connoisseur (no_sprinkles) wrote in geocaching_sf,
Candy Connoisseur

Looking for some advise

My friends and I have a cache in a park and shares it with another cache. So far there hasn't been confusion between the two (they are both multis). We recently got an email saying that are cache has gotten really wet inside from the last rain so we went to go investigate. It turns out that our cache is fine and the person who emailed us didn't find OUR cache but a very old archived one that was never cleaned up.

Has anyone ever come across this? The person logged the find, but didn't find ours. What is the polite thing to do? I've emailed the person to say that they didn't find our cache and encouraged them to try again. Has this happened to anyone else? Did you delete their find as they didn't actually find it? Or did you just leave it up to them to do it? If this happened to you, what would you expect to be done?

Thanks for the advice!

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