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Candy Connoisseur

Last Friday night, sclcaching went to dinner to plan some of your road trip this summer. We're planning on going to The Midwest Geobash in Kendallville, IN. We headed over to Pizza My Heart for dinner and planning...

We started out with a few slices of Pizza...

Some refreshments...

And some silliness.

But it was time to get to work! I acted as taskmaster that night. I needed to whip us into planning mode!

In that 4 hours, we did a lot of reading.

So much that our eyes were staring to go cross eyed!

We're driving from San Francisco to Indiana and back. It's a long way, so we have a lot to plan for.

By the 4th hour, we were all getting a little tired so we decided to stop for the night.

I think we got a lot of planning done, but we still have most of the trip home to finish.

So far we have planned:
- 3 week trip (total)
- 3 days to get to Chicago
- 3 days in Chicago (picked museums and other attractions to see)
This took the most time since there's SO much to do in Chicago!
- 3 days for the Midwest Geobash
- 2 weeks+ to get home
- Talked about the route home and possibilities for places to see (spend most of the time in NM and AZ)
Roswell, Mesa Verde, 4 Corners, Albuquerque and Flagstaff and their surrounding areas, Grand Canyon
- Talked about things we would need to bring
- Figured out our total budget and personal budgets

Numbers! (Approx. of course):
5300 miles
295 gallons of gas
$1000 of gas (nearly)

If anyone has traveled through NM or AZ and knows of cool places to see and visit. Please let us know!

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