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Geocaching Photo Essay - 12/31/06

My friends and I cache together (mostly), but over the Christmas holiday we didn't get much caching in since we needed to spend time with our respective families. On the last day of 2006, we decided to ring in the new year with some caching in Steven's Creek County Park.

First, we decided to try looking for I Love Legos - GCTH72 (a famous cache in these parts). But when we arrived to the aforementioned parking lot near the trail head, it said that the trail was closed. So, we decided to try caching along another trail.

Too busy signing logs and notebooks to look at the camera!

It was a cute little park and we decided that we need to do a lot more caching here.

We started by looking for Going FIshing.

There isn't much lake left for fishing though.

We did spot some possible Mountain Lion tracks.

Mannard wearing a super nerd hat!

We found our second cache with little trouble, although I was the only one who would climb up to it =P

KinQue waiting for me to return with the cache.

At our third cache, I dropped a geocoin and Mannard dropped a travel bug.

At Sage View, there was a really nice view, so we sat and enjoyed it for a while.

KinQue decided he needed this watch he found in the cache for our road trip this summer.
It repeats "Are we there yet. No." Over and over.

It was a nice day. There were clouds in the sky but it was warm enough and we had no rain.

After a few more caches, we had to climb a huge hill to get to Hilltop Hideaway 2

At the top and once we found the cache, we decided to take a break and have a snack.

While we were eating, we definitely reverted to 2nd grade and traded our snacks with each other.
"I'll give you 1 Smart Puff for 2 Annies Bunnies"

On one of the trail signs it read that there was pond a long the trail, and we were excited to reach it.

But we soon found that there was no pond left =(
KinQue still insisted that he needed a swim.

No swimming for you!

We also came upon a winery tucked into the hill. It was very bizarre that the trail took you straight through the winery.

We did see a peacock though.

Mannard was very impressed with the peacock.

We found another cache, Oak View, which was up another huge hill. But I was rewarded with a neat pin inside the cache (I like pins).

We rested at the top and took some photos

Super Cool Losers!

Now KinQue is just being a nerd =P

I liked Oak View enough that I released my first Geocoin. It's just a trackable stock coin, but I think it's nifty.

Periodically during the day we had some nice sunshine.

We found a cache called Bat To The Future, where someone saw a bat fly over head. We didn't get to see a bat, but we did find a Newt.

We did finnish the day with 16 caches found. We got lucky and found every one that we attempted. It's always satisfying finishing the day with 100%

After finding 16 caches and walking ~6 miles, we decided we were done. After all, it was New Years Eve and we had a party to throw!


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